Genealogy Research Consultation & Help

Genealogy Research Consultation & Help

Hello! I’m Anastasia Finch, and I really like Genealogy and Family History research!

What I can do for you:

  1. Got a brick wall? Run out of sources and not sure how to continue your research? I can offer tips and advice on where to go next.
  2. Need someone to start your research for you? I can get the ball rolling and help set up your family tree online.
  3. Record pulls from local repositories, file organization, digitization of paper files, and other organizational assistance.
  4. Writing and editing short family history narratives.
  5. Want to set up a “cousin bait” website to lure in distant relatives? I can help with that, too!

Please feel free to contact me about these or any other genealogical research problem you may have. The initial consultation is free!

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